The SCULT Foundation is an international healthy lifestyle social enterprise.

SCULT is an innovator and expert organisation in the field of preventive health care, physical activity and sports. We organise knowledge and experience sharing events, participate in various academic and policy projects. And most importantly, we are a hands-on organisation that practices innovative local and international initiatives and services in the fields of physical activity, public health and sports.

SCULT.app is Everyone's Health Club, connecting wellness seekers and sports instructors in a freely chosen discipline, level and location See: https://www.scult.app//

Among other initiatives, SCULT leads the international sports volunteer movement, connecting bright-eyed volunteers at all ages, sport event organisers and sport clubs, locally and internationally. See: https://www.scult.com/

Tallinn University

SCULT relies heavily on advanced technological knowledge and innovation drawn from the team’s previous experiences at Skype, Lingvist, Let’s Do It World Clean-up Foundation, Sportlyzer, Bolt, Pipedrive, Rademar, SmartCap Venture Capital, Junior Chamber International, etc.

The CEO of the SCULT Foundation is Mr. Ott Pärna, entrepreneur and sports activist, and also a professor at the University of Tartu School of Economics and Business Administration. Feel free to contact him: world@scult.com.

Collaboration through SCULT Media. We invite like-minded organisations to participate in various forms in our preventive health care, physical activity and sports initiatives, campaigns and research projects. If you wish to cooperate, please write to: world@scult.com.

SCULT & Sport Year Foundation HQ
Postal Adress: F. R. Faehlmanni 6-30. 10125 Tallinn, ESTONIA
T: +372 517 8111
E: info@scult.com

Articles of Association of SCULT Foundation SCULT_SA_pohikiri.pdf
Annual Report of SCULT Foundation 2019 SCULT_SA_aastaaruanne_2019.pdf
Annual Report of SCULT Foundation 2018 SCULT_SA_aastaaruanne_2018.pdf
Annual Report of SCULT Foundation 2017  SCULT_SA_aastaaruanne_2017.pdf
Annual Report of SCULT Foundation 2016 SCULT_SA_aastaaruanne_2016.pdf
Code of Ethics for NGOs  Vabaühenduste eetikakoodeks

CEO, Member of the Management Board: Ott Pärna
Supervisory Board Members: Aivo Tamm, Lii Vilms, Priit Pärna

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