SCULT is an International Sport Volunteers Movement, connecting bright-eyed volunteers at all ages, sport event organisers and sport clubs, locally and internationally.

The word SCULT is associated to, and its DNA is drawn from, three words: sport, culture and cult. SCULT alleviates the social and economic burden of physical inactivity through business model innovation in the field of sport volunteering. The ambition of SCULT is to create a successful 21st century sport lifestyle social enterprise that delivers socio-economic effects to cities, countries and regions involved. The central element of the organisation is an international sport volunteers movement it develops and related services like the matching solution for sport event organisers and volunteers.

Tallinn University

SCULT relies heavily on advanced technological knowledge and innovation drawn from the team’s previous experiences at Skype, Sportlyzer, Let’s Do It World Clean-up Foundation, SmartCap Venture Capital, Junior Chamber International, etc.

The SCULT.com Secretariat is located at the University of Tallinn. SCULT.com is led by the economist, entrepreneur and sport activist Dr. Ott Pärna. Feel free to contact us: info@scult.com.

Sport is the most attractive field for volunteering, in which over 30 million adults plus young volunteers in the EU take part either occasionally or regularly. Indeed, the area of sport volunteering is relatively chaotic with many challenges – one of them being the fluctuating quality of voluntary work and information asymmetry between the sport event organizers/sport clubs and potential volunteers. These challenges are common across cities and countries and both in case of local and as well as big international sport events. As the sport industry relies heavily on volunteers (in Finland 199 out of 200 people related to sport clubs and events are volunteers) and their number differs from country to country in times, their activation would ultimately lead to more active and healthier societies in Europe and globally. 

The SCULT team is solving these social challenges by using best experiences from the start-up as well as the technology world. We started testing our solution in Estonia (for local sport events) and internationally (for international sport events). Other countries will gradually follow once we have tested our proof of concept and successfully executed initial sport volunteering campaigns.

SCULT & Sport Year Foundation HQ
Postal Adress: Kastevarre tee 3-1, 11912, Tallinn, ESTONIA
T: +372 517 8111
E: info@scult.com

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CEO, Member of the Management Board: Ott Pärna
Supervisory Board Members: Aivo Tamm, Lii Vilms, Priit Pärna

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