SCULT is an innovator and expert organisation in the field of preventive health care, physical activity and sports. We work with different universities and research centres across Europe, organise knowledge and experience sharing events, participate in various academic and policy projects. And most importantly, we are a hands-on organisation that boosts knowledge-transfer to society, practices innovative local and international initiatives and services in the fields of physical activity, public health and sports.

The challenge of physical inactivity is unprecedented in developed countries. As many as two thirds of Europeans do not move enough, and only one-fifth of our schoolchildren exercise enough (60 minutes a day). In this way, yes, people live longer, but they are ill: the number of healthy life years has not kept pace with the increase in overall life expectancy. This is largely due to lifestyle diseases caused by smoking, alcohol abuse, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and stress.

From the perspective of an individual's health, according to the WHO, only 10 percent of human health depends on access to medicine (treatment and medicines). As much as 50 percent depends on health behaviour (lifestyle), 20 percent on the environment and 20 percent is hereditary. Indeed, in European countries, only 2.8% of total health expenditure is spent on preventive healthcare.

SCULT believes in the open innovation model and works as an opinion leader with various organisations to address the above challenges. As we value the importance of a long-term perspective and vision, one of our central focus is children and youth. For example, we are organising SCULT Academies for sport volunteers and their managers. These are development happenings, usually two-day events, where the first day consists seminars and master-classes and the second day is practical exercise, typically volunteering in some of the major sport events. All SCULT Sport Volunteers Academy finishers receive a Diploma. 

In addition, we organise also shorter SCULT Sports Café’s, mostly in different schools, and perform philanthropic Keynote Speeches in conferences and forums across the globe.

The SCULT Foundation participates in the preparation of the European Union Teaming project, the aim of which is to launch a European Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Youth Health Promotion Research, Innovation and Policies. The Lead Partner of the project is the University of Tartu and the Project Partners are the Karolisnka Institute and Lund University.

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