The World Sport Volunteers Movement SCULT is a network-based organisation uniting individuals and organisations passionate about healthy lifestyle, sport and/or working in the physical activity sector. SCULT is connecting bright-eyed volunteers at all ages, sport event organisers and sport clubs locally and internationally.

SCULT is daily run by its Secretariat located at Tallinn University, Estonia. The Secretariat has a Core Team responsible for day-to-day activities and an International Advisory Board supporting the movement strategically.


Ott Pärna

Founder & Chief Executive Officer /

Ott is an entrepreneur, evolutionary economist and a sport activist. He is the founder of think-tank, the former CEO of the Estonian Development Fund and has lead the founding teams at SmartCap Venture Capital, FinanceEstonia Foundation, Estonian Private Equity & Venture Capital Association and Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol. Ott has lived and studied in the UK, Singapore, Denmark, Finland and Estonia. He is alpine skier and amateur triathlete.

Marko Leib

Chief Financial Officer /

Marko Leib, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Head of Technology of SCULT. Marko is a financial professional and an engineer, who has finished Tallinn University of Technology and Tallinn University of Applied Sciences as Mechanical Engineer. Marko has been active in sports, especially in basketball, soccer and adventure sports. He is also a member and treasured of JCI Tallinn, an international youth organisation. Marko has been volunteering in several big sport events, for example at FIS Nordic Skiing World Championships 2017 in Lahti.


Karl Harold Dembovski

Digital Media Specialist /

Harold studies PR & Communication at Tallinn University. He believes that great communication skills combined with a positive, pragmatic mindset are the key elements to any successful partnership. And that successful, spirited partnerships can achieve almost anything. His normal way of starting off a day is going for a jog. Harold loves to play basketball and tennis, he also never shies away from trying out new stuff. On the weekends, you can catch him playing his favourite records at different parties around town.


Lii Vilms

Country Manager, SCULT Estonia /

Lii has background from the travel industry, catering industry and medical conferences business. She has worked for companies such as Palace Hotel, Tallink (the leading high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport company in the northern Baltic Sea region), tourism firms Kaleva Travel and Wris, and Medical Media Company Celsius Healthcare. Lii is an active windsurfer and has volunteered in several sport events. Lii is a passionate windsurfer and sport fan since childhood. "Bad weather isn't a valid excuse to enjoy life!"


Liisa Soomets

SCULT Coordinator /

Liisa studies Entrepreneurship and Project Management in University of Tartu. She has specialised in sport management because she wants to develop sport events in Estonia and around the World. Liisa has played beach volleyball many years at international level and has lots of great achievements. Now she has dedicated in studies and work but still enjoys being active. She loves to run and hike. Nothing makes her happier than taking long walks with her dog in beautiful Estonia forests.


Merle Antson

Team SCULT volunteer

Merle has long working experiences as personal trainer at OmaKlubi and she used to be the General Manager of the Männiku Wakepark – one of the most famous extreme sport parks in Estonia, doing cooperation with GoPro, RedBull and other global brands.


Pille Juus

Team SCULT volunteer

Pille is a PE Teacher who dreams of mastering slacklining one day! She isn’t just a teacher who gives classes. Pille is a big fan of sports and has been a ‘serial’ sport volunteer for many years. She comes, often with her pupils, to volunteer in all kinds of sport events – be it a city marathon, a youth run, a gymnastics festival or an international athletics competition. Pille is also active in the national PE teachers' association and a strong advocate of modernising the PE programmes, both locally and internationally. She is a true rolemodel for the whole community, especially the kids.

Reeda Tuula

SCULT Tallinn Campus Club

Reeda is a hasty cultivator of endurance-orientated physical activity. She always keeps herself updated with the latest developments in the fields physical activity and adventure travel. Reeda is a passionate sports volunteer and an active member of quite a few sports federation committees. She is the Academic Curator of SCULT Tallinn Campus Club, a united Sport & Volunteer club between Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ) and Tallinn University (TLU).

Krista Mikkonen

Country Manager, SCULT Finland /

Krista graduated from Lahti University of Applied Sciences as a Bachelor of Business Administration, majoring in Service Business. She has experience in travel counselling and has worked in hotel receptions and restaurants for many years. In her spare time she likes to ride, walk with her dogs and go hiking in the forest. Krista's first volunteering experience was at the 2017 Lahti Ski World Championships, she has since been involved in various school projects for other big events. Krista thinks it's nice to be part of different events as they all have their own unique atmosphere. 

Mindaugas Paukštys

Country Manager, SCULT Lithuania /

Mindaugas studies recreation and tourism at the Lithuanian Sport University (LSU). Being active and participating in sports events have always been an important part of his life. Mindaugas thinks this is a great area to meet new people and gain new experience – the more diverse knowledge you gather, the more desirable specialist you are in the labour market. 

Sara Fasoli

Country Manager, SCULT Belgium /

Sara works as a Project and Event Officer at the European Volunteering Centre (CEV) in Brussels. She is in charge of European Founded Projects, including InSCULT and employee volunteering. She holds a master's degree in International Policy and Diplomacy. Sara has been living and working in different parts of Europe, experiencing and enjoying cultural diversity. She is passionate about sport – Sara has been playing volleyball since she was a child. She thinks of volunteering as one of the most important mechanisms for fostering active citizenship and a European culture based on solidarity. Her motto: “Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today!"