Erasmus+ SCULT Point Project

"SCULT Point: Easy Access to Sports Through Technology" 2021-2023

SCULT Point is an innovative and socially engaging, technology-based initiative and transnational Erasmus+ Sport Collaborative Partnership Project designed by the SCULT Foundation with its extensive network.

The main objective of the SCULT Point initiative is to increase the access of (potentially) active people to social and guided outdoor exercise, and to democratize coaching and sport mentoring (volunteering) by making it independent of a particular sports club or location in Europe.

This is done through a creative matchmaking solution, the SCULT Points, which are virtual bulletin boards related to specific geographic locations where people start or would like to start outdoor training – park corners, forest edges, hotel entrances, city squares, coastlines, public training grounds, neighbourhoods and business centres, etc.

On the supply side of the SCULT Point model, coaches and sports mentors (as volunteers), as well as ordinary people (as volunteers) who want to do sports in groups, can sign up on the SCULT Point Platform (system and apps) to set start times for training at a specific location. On the demand side of the SCULT Point model, people can easily sign up for the exercise or training of their choice at a virtual SCULT Point in a convenient location.

The Erasmus + Partnership is an excellent framework to support the design and implementation of innovative and potentially powerful large-scale project formats, such as the SCULT Point Platform development initiative, and also promotes international cooperation to implement and sustain such initiatives. SCULT Point is a truly transnational collaboration project, engaging partners from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Turkey and Lithuania. In the context of the COVID-9 corona pandemic, the timing of this project is great and the SCULT Point solution is essential for (potentially) active people, as well as coaches, sports mentors and sports activists across Europe.

The 2021-2023 SCULT Point project will be carried out in the cooperation of the following  countries: Estonia, Finland, Turkey, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, and implemented in cooperation with the following organisations: SCULT Foundation, Southern-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences XAMK, Ankara University, City of Tartu, University of Tartu, International Sport and Culture Association ISCA, Vilnius University of Applied Sciences, Voose Kõrts MTÜ, University of Applied Sciences RISEBA, Estonian School Sport Union, National Foundation of Civic Society.

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